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 That moment when katy perry fcks the stage again...

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Kitchie Panget

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PostSubject: That moment when katy perry fcks the stage again...   Wed Dec 18, 2013 2:23 pm

You’re gonna hear me… lip-sync? Our beloved Katy Perry was caught mouthing the wrong words to her song “Roar” at the annual NRJ music awards in Cannes this past weekend, and we’re a bit shocked!

Okay, so we’re not in total shock considering it’s no surprise that lip-syncing has become a societal norm in the entertainment world. But come on, haven’t they mastered it by now?

I guess the upside is that it’s amusing to see our stars in uncomfortable situations.

I’ll set the stage for you: KP was all glitzy and ready to perform her hit single when somehow her vocal track kind of took off without her, leaving the star not so discretely mouthing the wrong words. Ouch!

In an attempt to save the train-wreck, an adorable, fun-sized French man sauntered on stage flailing his arms to stop the music. He casually spoke of “un petit problem” and asked Perry to start over.

She nicely agreed, only this time around, Katy sang it for real.

Unfortunately, she sounded like how you say in French…  Le sh*t? And we were forced to hear her belt out the song so very off-key.

Nous vous aimons toujours bien (we will always love you).

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That moment when katy perry fcks the stage again...
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